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Best Diet Fitness Tips for Weight Loss: Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

Best Diet Fitness Tips for Weight Loss Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

Calorie Shifting is the Better Way to Permanent Weight Loss. Here are the basics of the best weight loss diet plan out there with tips and examples. Our bodies are amazingly adaptable organic machines.This attribute was great for helping our ancestors survive, but unfortunately it works against those of us who are trying to lose weight. This is because our bodies can become efficient at running, even when we restrict our calories. The way to combat this effect is known as calorie shifting.This is what happens if you do not practice calorie.

Calorie Shifting Diet Plan for Weight Loss.

How it Works.

  • You start to restrict calories to lose weight.
  • Your body reacts by becoming more efficient at all of its normal functions.
  • Your metabolism slows down to compensate for the calorie deficit.
  • You lose weight at a slower rate.

Fortunately there is a way to trick your metabolism into not slowing down. Calorie shifting works by keeping your body from becoming too efficient. Since you do not eat the same amount of calories over and over again, your body cannot become accustomed to your calorie intake. You are essentially keeping your body guessing.

Most diets assign a daily calorie intake based on your weight and activity level. Then, you try to stick to that level of calories each day until you either lower your calorie intake because you have lost weight or you reach your goal.

This method not only requires super human levels of self discipline, it just does not produce the caliber of results we are looking for. What if you could still eat the things you love the most sometimes and have even better results that people who just restrict calorie intake? Calorie Shifting Allows You To Do Just That. There Are a Few Different Ways You Can Approach Calorie Shifting Diet.

Different ways of Calorie Shifting Diet Plan.

  • Stick to your restricted calorie allotment for 7-10 days
  • then take 2-3 days “off” to eat what you want.
  • Vary the amount of calories you eat throughout the week.
  • Do a combination of the two previous methods.

Weight loss success boils down to burning more calories than you take in over time. Calorie shifting prevents your body from burning less calories as your weight is reduced and your body becomes more efficient and makes it easier to take in less calories.

It is key when you combine the programs that you make sure your weekly calories add up to no more than what they would if you ate the same amount of calories each day on a calorie restricted diet.

Essentially you need to ensure that 10 days of calorie shifting equals the same amount of calories overall of 10 days of traditional calorie deficit diet. While the calorie shifting weight loss program does give you more freedom than traditional diets it is of the utmost importance that you use that freedom properly.

Why Calorie Shifting Diet Plan Is Better

One of the best things about this type of diet plan is that it is easier to stick with than more traditional diet programs. There is far less chance that you will get bored or frustrated and just quit.

It may still be tough to stick to the reduced calorie regimen on the days that you have to, but you will know that a reprieve is coming. You will get to have your favorite treats and splurges and still lose more weight than if you denied yourself all of your favorite foods.

But, how do you keep all of the information you need to know straight? And, how do you keep track of your calorie shifts? There are many methods that can be used ranging from low tech like pen and paper to computer programs that can keep track for you.

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Some programs will even help you plan your meals and your days so that your “off” days can fall on some weekends. The more help and support a program provides, the more likely you are to stick to it for the long haul. Weight loss is not about what you can do for a few days or months; it is about what you can do for life.

Calorie shifting is flexible, less stressful and more effective than traditional calorie deficit diets. Losing weight is easier, faster and the program can be used to maintain your weight as well. Many diets are not sustainable over time and most people gain the weight back as soon as they stop dieting.

You can keep the weight off with calorie shifting as well. You may be able to add more “off” days to your rotation, but sticking with calorie rotation will keep the pounds from creeping back on after you reach your goal.

Importance of Calorie Shifting Diet Plan.

While there are many different types of diets on the market today, you need to find one that will work for you. Many diets are not sustainable over time and even the ones that are sustainable just are not as effective as calorie shifting.

You can lose weight and still enjoy eating. With calorie shifting you can have the body you have always wanted and still enjoy life. Make the change from a regular calorie deficit diet today and start living life while you lose the weight.

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