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Makeup for Beginners Tutorial: How to Apply Makeup for Beginners

Makeup for Beginners Tutorial How to Apply Makeup for Beginners

In today’s world, there will hardly be any person not wanting to have make-up in some degree or other. With hundreds and thousands coming out opting for make-up daily, make up for beginners has become a lively and important segment of the beauty process. As this involves cosmetics- mostly chemicals, it’s all the more imperative that these products are applied in gradual manner and small dosages, by way of testing and doing in the beginning to identify suitability.

Makeup for Beginners Tutorial Step By Step

In other words, Makeup For Beginners should be light initially to avoid any unwanted overdoing resulting in marring of the face and to ward off any side-effects or allergy.

To Strike Balance

The main requirement of any make-up is that the person should have an improved good-looking face as far as possible in a natural way without looking to have had a make-up. Beginners may find it somewhat tricky to strike at this balance during initial stages; but by repeated practice over time, and through comments from well-wishers, they’ll be effortlessly able to make the applications just as required for optimum results.

Makeup for Beginners

This involves a number of steps for them to follow. We’ll discuss the steps one by one so they find them easy to adopt.

First, the beginners are to get ready by washing their faces using a cleanser or a toner to remove dirt and impurities embedded on the skin. Then it’s to be followed up with applying a moisturizer to rid the skin of oil formation in the day; this will also wet any dry areas of the skin. Thirdly, a concealer is to be applied to pimples and discoloured skin areas using sponge or hand by gentle patting.

As a fifth step, they have to apply a translucent powder to retain the concealer and moisturizer with a spongybrush.

And, now is the time to apply their preferred eye shadow on eyelids, either with brush or fingers in swift and short movements, followed by application of their favourite mascara. For deciding on proper choice of eye shadowcolor, an eyeshade palette can be consulted which gives guidelines on colors and the suitable parts of eye for their application. You see, they cannot leave the lips unattended; so they have to apply a good lipstick on the lips for a pleasant look. Then, applying eyeliner using a pencil with simple tweaks finishes the make-up job.

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Things Required

For doing periodical make ups, keeping a full complement of all the following cosmetics and tools ready would be immense use.

Daily face cleaner, simple moisturizer, flesh toned concealer, tinted moisturizer and light foundation –all compatible with their skin complexion, translucent powder, flesh toned eye shadow with palette, the preferred mascara, and brushes for eye shadow, powder and concealer.

Using these, Makeup For Beginners becomes easy, a task well accomplished making them look attractive the natural way. In the absence of any allergic reactions or side-effects duringthe make-up schedules, the beginners are advised to continue the products and the make-up practice as and when needed. The health is more important, and avoidingoverdoing anythingwill be very wise.

Some Suggestions

1. While choosing a foundation shade, they have to make sure that it’s fully complementing their skin color; otherwise, it will look very odd losing its naturalness. and Also better, they avoid using heavier bases or foundations.

2. Neutral eye shadows such as browns, greys, taupes and creams are preferable for supplementing naturalness in the make up for beginners in particular. For hitting on the right undertone,they have to try one by one in small measure by comparing it with your skin undertone.

3. For those wanting to have the make up to bring out the natural beauty in them, black eyeliner may not be the correct choice despite its other merits. Only taupe, brown or grey is found to be most suitable. And the lipstick color chosen should very much resemble that of their lips. Blush choice should also be close to the color of the skin.

Make up for beginners is a scientific process blending beauty and health; it can become a successful endeavour if only the beginners get to know the procedures by consulting books, friends and if need be, professionals, and follow the by “test and do” method.

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