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How Long Does Lipstick last: How Long to use Cosmetics

How Long Does Lipstick last How Long to use Cosmetics

Bright, eye-catching lips are also set to storm the fashion world. Top shades for maximum attention-grabbing charisma include: pink, red, orange and violet. Use a lip liner and draw slightly outside your natural lip outline for a full and luscious look. Applying a lip balm and a see-through powder before applying the lipstick will lock the color better on to your lips for that truly polished finish. Use mascara and mild blush, but little else – you want your lips to make their statement.

How to Apply Lipstick Last Longer

There is a pretty easy guide but we suggest you how do it. Application takes about 1-2 minutes is all.

First, make sure your lips are chap free and clean.  You will line your lips with the first layer of your color choice of Lipsense lipstick.  Let it dry for 10-15 seconds and apply another layer. If you get confused at any time,use the ‘Oops Remover’ which will take it off right away.

After applying the second layer, let it dry once more and then apply the third layer. After that layer has had time to dry then apply the gloss (comes in Shiny or matte styles) and you are good to go!  Now you have smudge proof, kiss proof and water proof lipstick.

How do you Remove Lipstick

Plan ahead when you are putting on Lipsense!  I say this because it’s not practical to remove it 2-3 hours later after you have put it on.  I recommend at least plan on having it on for 4-6+ hours.  It can be hard to remove if you don’t have the right things. Rub coconut oil on your lips, then gently scrub with a washcloth and it will make it easy to wipe. They also have a remover that you can purchase (similar to a make-up remover) which works best.

How long to use cosmetics

If you see on the package of any cosmetic product, you will notice a very small symbol on the package. it represents how long you can use the product safely. Many women like to be pretty. many cosmetic products are used for this purpose. however, not everyone knows how many days to use this products. that products like Eyebrow pencil, lipstick, foundation and body lotion use for women. But It’s good to know every women how many days can we use this products.

There are many cosmetic products in the market to look more beautiful. Cosmetics are used for the eyes, lips, skin…etc. However, there will be expiry date to use each item. It was very good to use at that time. But, over using these products can lead to some additional problems. However, according to experts, let’s see how long time to use certain cosmetic products.

1. Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow pencils are used to make the eyebrows look more beautiful. Using them will make the eyebrows look good. However, this pencil can use for several days .. A pencil can be used for up to two years. Regular use of the eyebrow pencil may not last long. However, this pencil can be used up to two years.

2. Lipstick

It relies upon the brand and the type of lipstick. usually you can use lipstick for up to 2 years from the date of manufacture. But I would suggest not to use it for a long period, if it’s a cheap brand, don’t use it for 2 years as well.

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3. Mascara

Do not use mascara for a long time. Do not use it much under any circumstances. Likewise, some people put these products in hot places. Don’t do that. If doing so, they lose their originality. So never put makeup products in hot areas.

4. Perfume

So Many people use perfume very much. Some people may not like it. That’s why they dont like to use perfumes much. then how many days can we use perfume. many people perfumes will use most of the days. Don’t use perfumes more then a year. Perfumes don’t smell beyond more than the year. So perfumes should use within a year.


Makeup is something almost every girl wears daily. Makeup beginners commonly get confused between the different choices of makeup cosmetics products available in the market. some cosmetics are sold at exhibitions for cheap rates. It is not better to buy them. this can cause some unavoidable problems. So be careful before buying cosmetic products.

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