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How to Removing Blackheads on Nose at Home Fast

How to Removing Blackheads on Nose at Home Fast

Blackheads are a common problem of oily skin attack besides acne. Blackheads are popping up will make face does not look smooth. Vulnerable area of the face overgrown blackheads is part of the nose. Blackheads are grown in this area will interfere with the appearance because it resulted not perfect makeup. There are various ways to removing blackheads on nose that can be done at home.

How to Removing Blackheads on Nose

The process begins with the appearance of blackheads blockage of sebaceous glands or oil glands. Although the problem of blackheads is not as heavy as acne, face with blackheads overgrown will look dull and not smooth.

There are two types of blackheads, namely black comedones (blackheads) and white comedones (whiteheads). Black blackheads is a pile of sebum, dirt and dead skin cells that clog the pores of the skin and reacts with air, while the white blackheads a heap of sebum.

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Blackheads problems triggered by various factors, including genetic factors, hormones, cosmetics, psychological and environmental. Blackheads more common in women than men, Using cosmetics that contain elements of oil would trigger the onset of blackheads in women. In men, hormonal imbalance, stress, and less clean environment and humid are the main factors that trigger the appearance of blackheads.

Blackhead problem can be prevented by avoiding trigger factors. However, if there are blackheads on the nose stubborn, ingredients available at home such as egg white, lemon juice, ice cubes, toothpaste, aloe vera, radish, papaya, brine and tomatoes can be used as a way to remove blackheads on the nose natural. These materials are very easy to obtain and the price is cheap. Use its routine and sustained able to overcome blackheads and prevent blackheads comes back.

Getting Rid of Blackheads on Nose

Overcome blackheads by squeezed are not recommended because it can create blackheads grow into the skin. Using hand and tools less sterile can also lead to skin irritation. Use blackheads tweezers is more advisable than squeeze blackheads.

Benefits of Egg Whites

There is a way to remove blackheads on the nose with natural ingredients and fast, using egg white.

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The Trick:

  • Take raw egg white and apply on your nose or other parts that are blackheads.
  • After that, cover the egg whites that have been smeared earlier by using tissue paper.
  • Wait until the egg whites and tissue paper to dry out for approximately 20 minutes.
  • After drying up, lift the tissue paper. When the tissue is removed, comedones will be lifted and attached to the tissue paper.

Methods of removing blackheads with egg whites and aid tissue paper could be an option to remove blackheads on the nose quickly. This method is proven to make the nose becomes smooth free from blackheads if done regularly. This method is almost similar to blackheads lifter adhesive sold in the market, the difference is the using natural materials.

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