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What is your skin type | which homemade facemask is Best for Healthy Skin

which homemade facemask is Best for Healthy Skin

Choosing healthier skin may have been decided out of frustration of dealing with different skin flaws. Your skin if neglected have a way of letting you know. When you choose to have healthier skin,you have made the right choice because when your skin looks good then you may feel better. When your skin appears to be somewhat neglected it shows (unless you hide it under clothing). Here we will  suggest some face masks for healthy Skin.

Homemade Facemask for Normal Skin

The normal skin is moist, dewy, smooth, supple and soft. It’s free of blemishes and has an evenly texture, a nice glow and almost never feels oily or dry. The pores are small to medium and it has an even tone. The normal skin is firm with good elasticity. Less than twenty percent of girl have this skin type. To keep the normal skin in the best condition, apply weekly homemade face masks for extra care.

Homemade Facemask for Dry Skin

Dry skin feels tight, is transparent looking, is easily irritated and may have visible flaking. When you have a dry skin, you may notice fine lines around the mouth and eyes. The skin feels extra dry after washing. The dry skin can age easily and needs proper care to keep the skin moisturized, soft and supple. Using homemade face masks with rich natural foods that are moisturizing will revive dry skin into a smooth skin.

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Homemade Facemask for Acne and Oily Skin.

The problem skin has large pores, blackheads, becomes irritated under stress, can have red blotches and is subject to acne. Thankfully there are many face masks recipes for the oily and acne skin to keep the skin clean, smooth and moisturized. And we already got homemade facial masks for acne for you.

Homemade face mask for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin can overreact to environmental influences and is easily irritated. Sun, wind and cosmetics can lead to irritations, redness, rash, and stinging, itching and burning sensations. The sensitive skin can benefit greatly from homemade face masks. Click here for homemade face masks recipes for sensitive skin.

Homemade face mask for combination skin.

The combination skin has an oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and is dry around the cheeks and eyes. The most important thing for the combination skin is that the skin stays balanced. Click here for homemade face masks recipes for combination skin.

Visit our Facial Mask Recipes section for all possible homemade face masks. In the Most Popular section, you’ll find a select group of face masks everyone should try!

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Choosing Healthier Skin

Healthy Skin Care is the result of more than one action. You can certainly use skin care products, however you should read the ingredients first. There are certain things that your skin may be sensitive to that would cause serious skin problems.

Therefore read the ingredients before purchasing the product.

Use Products with Vitamins in the Ingredient

  •  Vitamin A – Reduces signs of aging and also regenerates skin.
  • Vitamin B – Helps decrease age spots and evens out tone.
  • Vitamin C – Protects skin from UV damage and promotes collagen.
  • Vitamin E – it’s Reduces the appearance of  facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • Vitamin K – Vitamin K – Gets rid of dark under eye circles.

Keep you Skin Hydrated

  • Wear sunscreen -Protect your skin from the damaging sun
  • Drink plenty of water – For radiant skin
  • Seal In the Moisture – Use a vitamin-enriched moisturizer.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables – Good for your overall health.
  • Detox – Eliminate toxins from the skin organ.

Exercise and Get Sufficient Rest

  • Sweat gets rid of toxins that can clog your pores.
  • Exercise causes blood to carry more oxygen to your skin.
  • * Exercise causes your skin to glow.
  • * Exercise reduces stress.
  • * Get sufficient rest so that you don’t look tired.

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