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How To Make Wearing High Heels Most Comfortable: Tips & Problems

How To Make Wearing High Heels Most Comfortable Tips & Problems

It is a common belief that there is no such thing as comfortable high heels. Every woman who fancies putting on heels knows this very well and understands the anguish that they have to go through by wearing these high shoes. It sometimes leaves one wondering whether looking sexy and getting that boost of confidence that a woman gets by wearing high heeled shoes is worth the resulting blisters, calf and ankle straining that occurs and callused feet.

It is however next to impossible for the working woman or socialite to get rid of her high heeled shoes. The touch and style that high heels add to a woman outfit makes the heels very precious. It is therefore advisable to find comfortable high heels that can be worn with little or no repercussions.

Choose Comfortable Heels Before Buying.

Getting comfortable heels will mean choosing heels that are 3 inches or less high since the higher the heel is the more the pressure they apply on the soles of your feet. Hence if one needs high heels that are more than 3 inches, then they should opt for wedges or platform shoes since are comfy high heeled shoes that are sexy to wear and provide support to the wearer. 

Comfortable high heels are normally wide enough to properly accommodate the size of feet. This prevents blisters which result from squeezing feet into shoes that are obviously narrower. If a lady insists on wearing high heels that are definitely too narrow, then self-adhesive shoe pads and inserts can be placed inside the shoes to help in reducing the pressure being applied on the feet and lessening friction therefore guarding the woman from blisters and calluses.

Every woman shopper should also bear in mind that the different styles of high heels available come with different degrees of comfort. Hence before buying, the woman should try the high heels on and walk around on both soft and hard surfaces to have a feel of the shoes comfort ability.

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High heels that are also comfortable to wear are definitely out there, it is just a matter of finding them! Make sure you take your time to read some reviews before buying and definitely try them out first! Of course, some women actually prefer stilettos over other kinds of high heels since they are so use to wearing them. It is indeed a fact that wearing high heels will make you more comfortable in them, as your legs grow used to them.

However if you are completely new to wearing high heels and need to wear them suddenly, for instance at a wedding or a new job, a good bet is to opt for kitten heels. These heels are slightly wider than stilettos and will offer you more support than the narrow stiletto heels. Definitely get shoes that fit well, since in addition to wearing heels you do not want to also have to deal with blisters and a general feeling of unease.

Also make sure that the heel has good traction since a slippery heel means less support and you will be more prone to slipping, which is never a good look! So take your time and you are sure to find the perfect pair of heels.

Do Comfortable High Heel exist?

If you’re a lightweight, I dread the pain in the second hour of wearing them, as well as the blisters, ankle and calf tension afterwards! If I’m wearing not so comfortable heels out, I tend to pack a pair of thongs (for the Aussies!) or flip flops to slip into when I’m hiding in the taxi after going nightclubbing all night.

Some friends use ballet slippers too, but unless they have hard, protective soles on them, your feet are still wrecked, especially in Kings Cross on a Friday or Saturday night (where you can see the funniest things at 3am… but that’s another story..).

What To Do

Well there are a number of things to consider in order to get the most comfortable high heels for you – things that would make wearing them so much easier!

I’ve put together as much helpful info, tips and tricks that will make wearing high heels a much kinder experience! 

Follow These Simple Tips To Make Wearing Your High Heels Most Comfortable.

Every time when you wear high heels, you often have some problems. But, by using some simple techniques you can solve that problems. follow these tips before buying high heels.

  • Choose tight buckles and straps
  • Take thick heels
  • Pick the right shape shoe for your foot
  • Concentrate on the way you walk
  • Wear padded inserts
  • Take an anti blister stick everywhere you go
  • Use heel grips if your feet are narrow

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