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How to Get Rid of Dark Spots Remove on Face: Natural Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots Remove on Face Natural Home Remedies

I know it can be embarrassing. You’ve started to notice that you have these mysterious dark spots on your skin and you don’t know how they got there. They are unattractive and can really take away from your appearance, however, you aren’t just worried about your complexion.

You also worry that their appearance might be indicative of a larger, more serious health problem. What’s more, you don’t know what to do about it. Although there is no one certain solution for treating dark spots, having an understanding of what causes them can help you in choosing the treatment plan that is right for you.

What Are Dark Spots?

Dark spots are actually a shift in the pigmentation of your skin, and there are many factors that lead to their appearance

1. Melanin

The over-secretion of the hormone melatonin is what gives dark spots their appearance, and this can have internal or external causes.

2. Internal Causes

These can be can be hormonal imbalances, menopause, or excessive stress that puts strain on organs such as the liver.

3. External Causes

These may be may be drugs or medications that you are taking as well as a vitamin deficiency from an incomplete diet.

Common Causes of Dark Spots

if you or someone you know has been unfortunate to suffer from dark spots on the face, then you are already well aware how embarrassing this condition can be. Dark spots are caused by over-secretion of melanin, the hormone that causes skin pigmentation.

This can happen due to a variety of causes including pregnancy, menopause, hormone imbalances, drugs, stress and deficiencies in any number of vitamins and minerals

There are many remedies for dark spots, which range from natural to the chemical solutions. Companies invest millions into research in this area and have made available many dark spot removal products, which are available in major retail chains and online retailers.

There are also a wide range of home remedies that have proven effective in eliminating these blemishes.These are sometimes cheaper and have fewer side effects. What’s more, they are often just as effective.

Consulting A Doctor Better If The Problem Is Serious

Of course before embarking on any course of dark spot removal, it’s important to consult your doctor, who will better be able to guide you on the best course of action to take. Some chemical or pharmaceutical products may have an adverse reaction and this is something you’ll have to be careful about. Others may interfere with existing medication you may be taking so you’ll want to be aware of that possibility too.

Finally, remember to determine the cause of your dark spots before embarking on a course of treatment. Dark spots caused by the sun and its deleterious effects on the skin will need to be treated differently than dark spots that are caused by acne. Similarly, dark spots caused by aging and “liver spots” may have their own causes, which may need to be addressed by a skin treatment clinic.

Understanding Dark Spots

Most studies suggest that dark spots are caused by an excessive amount of melanin, which clusters at the surface causing dark spots. The problem typically lies with melanocytes, which is where melanin is produced. These melanocytes can be damaged by:

  • Exposure to UV rays (i.e. the sun).
  • Hormonal fluctuations caused by puberty, pregnancy and menopause.
  • Taking medication considered photo sensitizing.

In all three instances the disruption of the production of melanin is intensified by the sun, which causes more damage via free-radicals. Free-radical damage is the cause of many types of cancer; particularly skin cancer. That’s why dark spots are not just a beauty problem, they are a health problem and should be taken very seriously.

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Still, just because there are potentially serious causes of dark spots, does not mean that all cases are such. There are many environmental factors that cause dark spots. Our facial muscles are constantly made to work, putting stress on our skin in that area. Add to that the stress of our busy everyday lives (such as diet, smoking, stress) and environmental factors (such as sun exposure and air pollution) and it’s any wonder that more of us don’t suffer from dark spots.

That’s why, when trying to fix dark spots, you should look at all of the underlying causes and come up with a complete solution. This can involve many steps, which will require dietary and lifestyle changes as well as the use of various products that alleviate the symptoms of dark spots.

Home Remedies to Remove Dark Spots

There are many different recipes and natural treatments for treating dark spots.Here are just a few:

1. Lemon Juice

Juices from lemons and other citrus fruits are acidic, which can have a bleaching effect on your skin. They are major components in skin lightening recipes and you can easily substitute a lime for a lemon. Other juices can also make the bleaching effect more vivid, lightening your dark spots, however it can take up to a week to see results.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is an amazing spice. It has countless benefits to the body and is used as a holistic treatment for skin cancer and has anti-aging properties. It’s no surprise that it is a popular component in dark spot removal recipes. You can combine this with lemon for added effect. Some people like to dilute the solution in olive oil and add honey to the mix.

3. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E has remarkable properties as both an anti-oxidant and wound healer. It has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and stabilize the production of collagen under the dermis. You can mix this with an aloe vera face mask and apply this to the dark areas of your skin. Another option is to mix it with castor oil.

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4. Olive Oil

Many of us will have this in our kitchen, and because it will help to keep your pores clean, it’s another method you should think about when looking at how to get rid of dark spots on face. It’s very easy to use olive oil.

All you will need is 1 teaspoon which you can massage directly on to your skin. This will penetrate into your pores to help remove dirt, and bacteria. Make sure you have a hot wash-cloth to hand which you can press against your face; this will help draw out the impurities from your pores, and can be gently washed away.

5. Exfoliate with a natural scrub

Keeping dead skin cells at bay is one way that will help when you’re looking at home remedies for dark spots on face. All you will need is to mix together 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of raw oats, and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Gently massage the mixture over your skin, and rinse. This can be done 3 times per week.

Remember: Don’t wash your face too often when using these techniques doing so can dry your skin. Also drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and eat lots of vitamin rich food. This will all work to holistically keep your skin looking healthy and fresh.

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