How to Fix a Broken Relationship: What To Do After a Breakup

How to Fix a Broken Relationship What To Do After a Breakup

Breakup is an unexpected event in anyone’s life, and it is for sure a difficult time to get through. Many people whoever had breakup usually think that it is not possible for them to get their ex back. But, it is not true. There are some proved techniques and tips that can definitely work for you get your ex back.

Friends and family members mostly ask you to forget about it and move on. However, it is you who would know the importance of getting your ex back to you. However, you should not try implementing things to get your ex back soon after the breakup.

How to Fix a Broken Relationship.

Do you feel like your relationship is breaking up? It happens more often than you think. Even couples that seem perfectly happy most of the time can have a big fight, or a series of fights, that cause a rift in the relationship. The problem is, you have to fix this before it becomes a chasm. Otherwise, you may end up apart.

Remember, having little time and space after the breakup is good for both of you so that you would understand if you really want your ex back or if it is just a desperation. At the same time, your ex will also realize your importance only when he or she starts missing you. So, first step that you need to take is to keep calm and do nothing.

To be clearer, an individual usually has a high-time tension after the breakup. So, whatever they say or do, no matter what their intension is, can push their ex more away from them. Hence, many experts suggest following the ‘No Contact’ rule at least for a few weeks post breakup. This will make both of them to cool down.

First You Should Know About This.

Getting married is an exciting time for a each couple. It’s a public declaration of their love and of their vows to stay together forever. Even with divorce statistics still unfavorable, most couples don’t imagine themselves falling into marital troubles as they’re saying their “I Do’s”. Yet, according to family law practice McKinley Irvin, couples are most likely to divorce after only eight years of marriage. Your marriage should feel satisfying. You should feel like you’re a part of something special when you’re with your spouse.

If you feel you spend more time fighting or feeling bad about yourself when you’re with your partner than you do basking in their love, you may need some relationship advice. follow these tips to know how to fix a broken relationship.

Is it Possible to Get Back Your Ex After a Year?

Break-ups are easy but at times it happens that you go through the moment of truth after your break up when you realize that you still love your ex. It is anytime possible to get your guy back if there is scope of love and interest left in the relationship.

There are some relationships which are still intact as the distance does not make any difference. Just a little push is needed to relive the same love. May it be some months, a year or two years; the time really doesn’t matters if there is still love between the two.

Before Taking Any Decision Remember These Things

  • Think before you take any decision of getting back your ex.
  • Check whether your ex is still single or is seeing someone else.
  • Do not try to force things on your ex as that may spoil the relationship even more to the extent of no repair in future.
  • Do not do anything in haste and expect early results as such expectations break very often, leaving a scar in the relationship.
  • Understand what your ex has to say in all this.

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Love and understanding are the two pre-requisites to get back in any relationship as without these, there is no future and success in any relationship. The time of winning back your love is the most crucial time as one has to be extra cautious and make moves only after understanding the situation. 

Top 10 Tips to Get your Girlfriend Back

Your girlfriend has walked away from you and you are feeling emotionally drained. While it is devastating to lose a partner, remember you are not the only one to whom it has happened. That should give some solace. All is not even now and if you work hard at it and show improvement in some vital areas, there is every chance that you will win her back.

1. Give Some Time

Give yourself and the other person some time. A separation is a wrenching affair and it takes time for the raw edges of the wounds to heal. Don’t rush the reconciliation attempts before both of you are ready for it. Giving yourself time will mean that you can introspect and evaluate the relationship critically. You may be less inclined to view yourself as the aggrieved person when you look back calmly.

2. Focus on your Feature Life

Instead of moping, use this time to live an easy life free of the compromises that one has to make while in a relationship. Follow the interests that you have been neglecting of late. Get together with old friends but make sure you do not discuss your ex. If you have let yourself go, this is the time for yourself. Join a gym or go swimming.

3. Now Think About Where the Problems Are Coming From.

Now that the initial shock of rejection is over; take a long breath and think of the reasons behind the break up. Did she say why she was leaving? What was she saying to you in the days just before the break up? Did she say something about not loving or liking you anymore?

4. Best Time to Contact

Now this is the best time to get back in touch. If you are planning to call her or text her; make it casual and easy. Learn how to get love back with a text message. messages may be a low form of communication, but its brevity means that there are fewer chances of any one misinterpreting them.

5. Be Cool 

When you meet her for the first time after the break up, treat it like a first meeting. Be cool and don’t ever beg or grovel. Avoid mentioning the separation at all; instead appear to be friendly and fun to be with. Meet in the daytime for coffee or lunch.

6. Think Again Once

This is the point where you need to think “Do I really want her back?” Often times it happens that you are so wrapped up in wanting your girl friend back, you don’t really notice you have got over the separation and are happy to be single again.

7. Don’t Get Jealous

If she mentions some man she has been seeing during your cool off period, don’t get all jealous. Try to project your new self and hope it appeals to her.

8. Try to Casual Meetings

Continue with the casual meetings trying to gauge the eagerness with which she responds to your invitations.

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9. Know the your ex feeling

Broach the subject of getting together again. If she reciprocates, the battle and the war have been won by you. If not accept defeat.

10. Make a Sincere Effort to Permanent Changes

Make a sincere effort to make permanent changes. Most women appreciate steady, clean and hard working men. Be one of them.

Tips to Get Wife Back in a Broken Marriage.

The pain of separating after a beautiful marriage is painful and it can take years for anyone to cope up with this pain and the feeling of getting back together is often raised by the folks of the couple separated. If there is love, one can easily get back with his wife and live a happy life.

Think – ReThink

  • What caused the separation?
  • Why did we let it happen?
  • Did we not ever try to resolve issues between us?
  • Who was at fault?
  • Am I ready to get back in the same relationship again?
  • How will I convince my partner about the same?

Only self analysis can make a huge difference and change the whole attitude of the person wanting to get back with his wife and with the men being more emotionally strong, they need to carefully understand the psychology of women and take intelligent steps into the relationship.

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