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Diet Plan for Kids: What is Good Diet and Nutrition Plan for Children

Good Diet and Nutrition Plan for Children
The diet is the food which a person eat and nutrition is the process through which the food offer nourishment to the body of the food eater. Good nutrition offer wellness health and fitness to the body and it suggests that the body is getting all vitamins, nutrients and minerals which is essential to maintain the physical fitness. Eating a healthy diet is the most important way to get good amount of nutrition.

Kids Diet Plan:

Most of the people are aware that proper balance of physical activity with good nutrition can help them to get and maintain a healthy weight. But the benefits of the good nutrition can go beyond the weight. It can also have some other results. The health and wellness tips are mentioned below:

  • Improving the functions of the body system as well as the cardiovascular actions, cognitive/school performance, mental well-being, recovery from the injury or illness and wound healing.
  • Increasing the wellness health and fitness ability of the body to fight off the illness and to increase the energy.
  • Reducing the risk for the diseases including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and some cancers.

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Diet plan for kids and Children

Proper and balanced diet plans for kids are very essential to supply the required energy and nutrients to the growing kids. Kids should have five to six meals every day to make their tummy full and to ensure their physical fitness. The wellness health and fitness diet plans for kids include cereals, whole wheat bread, vegetables and fruit. These products make up the major part of the diet. Foods like milk, soya products, cereals and pulses offer the kids the necessary protein for the kids.

The doctors recommend a high calorie diet for the kids. Spinach, carrots, whole wheat bread, dairy products, un-skinned potatoes, whole milk and nut are some of the examples of the nutritional and high calorie foods which should be in the diet plans for kids. So, plan your kids diet while keeping the following things in mind.

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1. Requirement of Calorie

The kids above the five years often require more calories because of the high cellular activity in them. Baked and grilled foods should be included in the diet plans for kids who are fatty or obsessed. Enriched cereals and whole grain also increase the calorie level and maintain the physical fitness of the kids.

2. Requirement of Mineral and Vitamin

Minerals and vitamins should be supplemented adequately to the kids to ensure their wellness health and fitness. The requirements of iron and calcium are greater during the early childhood. As the calcium deficiency can result in the bones of the growing kids. So, foods which are rich in calcium like milk and other milk products, green leafy vegetables and ragi must be included in the diet plans for kids.

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3. Requirement of Protein

Protein plays an important role in the diet plans for kids. As the protein helps in the muscular development as well as in the physical fitness of the kids. Requirement of amino acid is higher among the kids than the adults. So, protein must be selected from the protein foods like yogurt, milk and cheese.

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